Sunday, January 2, 2011

Britannia Miniatures Feature I

Well I finished painting up my first five miniatures for Dystopian Wars...four Frigates and a Cruiser from the Britannia Naval Battle Group. 
I chose a very straightforward paint scheme with a beige(P3 Hammerfall Khaki) for the hull and a dark steel and bronze for the piping and machinery.  I drybrushed the dark steel with a lighter steel to bring out the details and washed the bronze bits with a brown-yellow ink mixture followed by just a wash of brown ink.
 The small sections of wood planking were basecoated with a medium brown(P3 Bootstrap Leather) and given a wash of black ink to bring out the details in the planks.  Window portals were painted black with highlights of dark blue, then light blue, then a speck of white. 
I decided to magnetize the turrets on the cruiser and I like the effect.  The guns can swivel freely without fear of losing them and I will also magnetize the shield generators which are interchangeable with the turrets.
In fact I embedded magnets in the bottom of my whole fleet for easy transport in a metal-bottomed carrying case.  The small 1/8" magnets have quite a hold as shown below...
 Additonally, I printed out labels for the ships for a little "flavor"(or fluff if you will).  I glued these to the bottom of the ships and sealed over them using Mod Podge(a transparent matte craft sealer).
 I am very happy with the way the first few minis turned out.  Like my other favorite minis maker(Privateer Press), Spartan Games' sculptors have made some beautiful models that are a joy to paint.  Great miniatures seem to have a little voice that say "paint me" if you know what I mean.  I look forward to working on more of the fleet and getting cracking on my Prussian fleet as well. 

Thanks for visiting the blog, and for a video version of this Miniatures Feature, click on the video below...


  1. Nice to see a dedicated blog roll for DW. Very nice work on the models. My first thoughts were magnets when I saw those interchangeable parts. Nicely executed.

  2. I love the idea of Magnetizing them for transport and labeling the names of each ship on the bottom!