Sunday, January 9, 2011

Minis Feature: Britannian Aircraft

I finally managed to paint the Doncaster Bomber and some Britannian Tiny Flyers.  At first I was intimidated by the diminutive aeroplanes but once brush went to resin/metal, the fun began!

 For my bomber and most of the Flyers I went with a traditional Olive Drab color scheme...R.A.F. style.  
I love the sculpting and design of the Doncaster, especially the planks on the top...too cool.
I've been following many peoples' Tiny Flyers here on the Spartan Games boards for scheme ideas.  I decided not to "mix and match" aircraft from different nations to represent different types of planes as I like the idea of each aircraft being style-matched to its nation.  However, I wanted to be able to look at my planes and pick out "what was what" on a gameboard.  The above pic shows my plan...Olive Drab for land-based planes and sea grey for naval aircraft.  The colors to the side denote type of plane as identified by color on their tails...Red=Fighter, White=Recon, Yellow=Torpedo, Blue=Dive Bombers.
The above pic shows the scheme for land-based vs. sea-based planes.  Painting the wing insignia was challenging but I pulled it off to my satisfaction.
 The above pic shows all four types of land-based planes(note tail color variations) and a squadron of naval fighters(grey with red tails).  Also, note that I painted a small "one man" cockpit on the fighters and an elongated one on all other squadron types to denote the fact they likely have more than one pilot/crewman.

Anyways, obviously I've got more to do but those are my prototypes.
Click on the video link below for a full video description of the project...

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